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Mock-ups are used by designers mainly to acquire feedback from users about designs and design ideas early in the design process. Mock-ups are 'very early prototypes' made of cardboard or otherwise low-fidelity materials. The user, aided by the designer, may test the mock-up (imagining that it works) and thus provide valuable feedback about functionality/usability/understanding of the basic design idea/etc. - interaction-design


Iphone Wrap Around Screen Mockup - Black

Resource: Iphone Wrap Around Screen Mockup (PSD)

Iphone Wrap Around Screen Mockup - White
Resource: Iphone Wrap Around Screen Mockup (PSD)

created  by Claudio Guglieri.

Easy to customise for your own design!


Tags: iphone, apple, around screen, layout, interface, presentation, design, objects, mockup, mock-up, template, mobile

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