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User interface design and user interaction design are two closely related disciplines. One focuses on the design of the visual interface, the other more on the design of the global interaction behavior of the system.

In other words, user interface is how the user faces the system and how the system faces the user. user interaction is how the user acts on the system and how the systems acts on the user.

Resource: UI Kit Small (PSD)

Definitions for user interface design
  • User Interface design is the design of the system or interface with which a user has direct contact and with which they interact to conduct activities. (Remedy May 2077, dead link)
  • User interface design is the overall process of designing how a user will be able to interact with a system/site. (the usability company, May 2007, dead link)
  • User Interface Design refers to the aspects of hardware or software which can be seen (or heard or otherwise perceived) by the human user, and the commands and mechanisms the user uses to control its operation and input data. (based on The Dictionary of Computing)., (retrieved Jan 2011)
  • User interface design aims to enhance the visual, usability and technological qualities of an interface. It adds to the satisfaction of the person using a product or a service. Use design (retrieved Jan 2011).


Resource: UI Kit Small (PSD)

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