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In computer security, a login or logon refers to the credentials required to obtain access to a computer system or other restricted area. Logging in or on and signing in or on is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identifying and authenticating the user through the credentials presented by the user.

Once a user has logged in, they can then log out or log off when access is no longer needed. To log out is to close off one's access to a computer system after having previously logged in.

Logging in is usually used to enter a specific page, which trespassers cannot see. Once the user is logged in, the login token may be used to track what actions the user has taken while connected to the site. Logging out may be performed explicitly by the user taking some actions, such as entering the appropriate command, or clicking a website link labelled as such. It can also be done implicitly, such as by the user powering off his or her workstation, closing a web browser window, leaving a website, or not refreshing a webpage within a defined period. - from wikipedia

This freebie can be integrated in any website as it is or with your personal touch applied.


Resource: Simple Sign In (PSD, CSS3, HTML5)

Created by Alex Vanderzon.

The design is simple and easily modified to fit your needs.

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