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HTML email is the use of a subset of HTML (often ill-defined) to provide formatting and semantic markup capabilities in email that are not available with plain text. Most graphical email clients support HTML email, and many default to it. Many of these clients include both a GUI editor for composing HTML emails and a rendering engine for displaying received HTML emails. Long URLs can be linked to without being broken into multiple pieces, and text is wrapped to fit the width of the user agent's viewport, instead of uniformly breaking each line at 78 characters (defined in RFC 5322, which was necessary on older text terminals). It allows in-line inclusion of tables, as well as diagrams or mathematical formulae as images, which are otherwise difficult to convey (typically using ASCII art). - from wikipedia

Email software that complies with RFC 2822 is only required to support plain text, not HTML formatting. Sending HTML formatted emails can therefore lead to problems if the recipient's email client does not support it. In the worst case, the recipient will see the HTML code instead of the intended message. - from wikipedia

Among those email clients that do support HTML, some do not render it consistently with W3C specifications, and many HTML emails are not compliant either, which may cause rendering or delivery problems, especially for users of GMail. - from wikipedia

Cerberus is Responsive Email. Coding regular emails is hard enough by itself. Making them responsive shouldn't add to the headache. A few simple, but solid patterns are all that's needed to optimize emails for small screens.

Email Wireframe

Resource: Responsive Email Template Cerberus (HTML5, CSS3)


Resource: Responsive Email Template Cerberus (HTML5, CSS3)

Created by Ted Goas.

This resource is very easy to customize.

This freebie can be integrated in any website as it is or with your personal touch applied.

We would appreciate it if you credit our resources and help us to spread this work and name.

So hope you like it. Enjoy!


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