Website: Responsive HTML5 Theme for Travel Agency (HTML5, CSS3, PSD)
UI: RockMedia Media UI Kit (PSD)

UI: Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)


Metro Tiles UI Kit is a PSD file including a lot of useful web elements like buttons, menus, video player, forms, etc.

This freebie can be integrated in any website as it is or with your personal touch applied.


Resource UI: Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)

Resource UI: Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)

Social, Weather, Tabs, Carousel, searchbox, Menu, Elements Top, Shop, Player color, Drop down, Drag and drop, Vertical menu, Movie player, Twiter, Buttons, Social icons, scrollbar, Progress Bar, ... and more

Create by PixelKit.

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Download, share and enjoy!


Tags: metro tiles, ui kit, design, elements, social, weather, tabs, carousel, searchbox, menu, elements top, shop, player color, drop down, drag and drop, vertical menu, movie player, twiter, buttons, social icons, scrollbar, progress bar, ratings, on, off, volume, flickr widget, social, forms, round buttons, icons, pagination, entry blog, price list, blog, tags, graph, our skills, login, calendar, comments, tweetes, news feed, accordion, social lines, metro grup

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