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Design - Simplify Simplify Simplify! - Guidelines for Creating an HTML Email Template

You may know how to create a modern and accessible web site already. You know the rules, latest options, etc.. However can you really take all that knowledge and use it for email design? The short answer is no. - HTML Email Design Guide

Design – Simplify Simplify Simplify! Email providers are still behind on the times when it comes to rendering HTML code and trying to get a design for each one of them, can really make a designer want to throw a laptop through a window. Design your emails to keep your sanity. ”Block out” sections graphically that can be held within a table. Yes I said <table>, remember that in emails, <tables>, are your friend. I know for those of used to the ease and flexibility of CSS its hard to imagine that but for emails it’s the way to go. - Guidelines for Creating an HTML Email Template

Guidelines - Layout Email - HTML Email Design Guide

  • 650px or less design width;
  • Simple layouts are best;
  • Use basic HTML tables;
  • Be careful with table cell padding;
  • Avoid using colspans="" in your tables;

Guidelines - CSS Email - HTML Email Design Guide
  • Do not use external stylesheets;
  • Do not use CSS classes - always use inline CSS;
  • Don't use CSS shortcuts;
  • Avoid using CSS float or position options;

Green Village is email HTML-template with clean and minimal design suitable for many purposes. - Green Village HTML Template

Easily suits mobile devices, browsers and desktop email clients.


Resource Email: Green Village Email Template (HTML, CSS, PSD)

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