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Mobile Application: Music App Ui Kit (PSD)

UI: Flat UI Design Kit (PSD)


Flat User Interface Design is a minimalist aesthetic principle or design language currently used in various graphical user interfaces. At present the two most commonly known implementations of flat design are the Microsoft's Metro (design language), used mainly in Windows Phone (2010) and Windows 8 (2012), and the design introduced in Apple's mobile operating system iOS7 (2013). As a design approach, it is often contrasted to skeuomorphism and rich design. - Flat UI Design

Flat design is a style that lacks the “tricks” designers often use in order to create a realistic or three-dimensional effect. The style is characterized by an overall minimalistic look, bright but muted colors, bold — often retro — typography and simple user interface elements such as buttons or icons.
Flat design techniques avoid embellishments such as bevels, embossing, drop shadows, gradients or artificial textures. - The ultimate guide to flat design

This freebie is a great package for starters, save your time using this small kit on your next project! Ideally for web app dashboards, mobile app designs, websites, etc.. This set comes with info graphics elements, weather widget, user profile panel, to do list, clock/alarm, video player and more. - Flat UI Kit PSD


Resource UI: Flat UI Design Kit (PSD)


Created by Eduardo Mejia.

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