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chronoline.js is a library for making a chronology timeline out of events on a horizontal timescale.

Monthly Timeline

Plugin: chronoline timeline library

Quarterly Timeline

Plugin: chronoline timeline library

Yearly Timeline

Plugin: chronoline timeline library

Currently, chronoline.js only requires raphael.js to function. jQuery is used to provide nicer tooltips (using qTip2) and dragging support, but these aren't required.

To use it, provide a target element and an array of dates (possible ranges) with event descriptions, and it will render the contents of the timeline.

There are a variety of options provided, which you can see in the JavaScript itself. They are currently (and will likely always be) quite idiosyncratic and represent the degrees of control needed for the projects this has been used for.If you would like to use it for yourself, go ahead and fork, file bugs in GitHub, or submit pull requests. Documentation is somewhat shoddy, and I'm happy to improve it as desired.

Browser support is:

- Internet Explorer 8+ (except the tooltips)
- Firefox 12+
- Chrome 18+

source & demo
source guthub

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