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In computing, graphical user interface is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators such as secondary notation, as opposed to text-based interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation. - Graphical user interface

Design Principles: structure, simplicity, visibility, feedback, tolerance, reuse. - UI Design Principles and Tips

Software and hardware systems should attempt to anticipate the user’s wants and needs. Do not expect users to leave the current screen to search for and collect necessary information. Information must be in place and necessary tools present and visible. - First Principles of Interaction Design

The basic concept of a deductive user interface is that a user is presented with a pile of possible actions on a single screen. Then the user has to go through bit by bit figuring out (or deducing) what does what, what's related, and what actions can be taken. Power users might breeze through this introductory period and get to work because that sort of exploration is comfortable for them. Unfortunately, the majority of your user base doesn't fall in that category. A deductive interface is just a pain for the average user. - Who nailed the principles of great UI design? Microsoft, that's who

Interface elements include but are not limited to: - User Interface Elements

  • Input Controls: checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, list boxes, buttons, toggles, text fields, date field;
  • Navigational Components: breadcrumb, slider, search field, pagination, slider, tags, icons;
  • Informational Components: tooltips, icons, progress bar, notifications, message boxes, modal windows;
  • Containers: accordion;

Time Graph UI Pack is a psd file including a lot of useful web elements like buttons, search, user info, project tasks, etc.


user info, time graph, project tasks
UI: Time Graph UI Pack (PSD)

project progress, time left counter, search suggestions, search
UI: Time Graph UI Pack (PSD)

Created by Justas Galaburda.

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