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Mobile: Seven iOS7 Applications (PSD)

Mobile: iOS7 Applications UI (PSD)


Apple's radical new design direction in iOS 7 requires app makers everywhere to rethink their approach to iOS design. - Are Your Apps Rready For iOS 7?

iOS 7 introduces many UI changes, such as borderless buttons, translucent bars, and full-screen layout for view controllers. Using Xcode 5, you can build a project for iOS 7 and run it in iOS 7 Simulator to get a first glimpse of the way the app looks with iOS 7 UI. - iOS 7 UI Transition Guide

With the release of iOS 7, app designers and developers will need to adjust their visual language to match the new "flat" design of iOS. In addition to the grid system, the dimensions of icons and commonly used elements, typography and iconography has been updated by Apple in many ways. - The iOS Design Cheat Sheet

The UI elements provided by UIKit fall into four broad categories: - iOS App Anatomy

  • Bars. Bars contain contextual information that tell users where they are and controls that help users navigate or initiate actions.
  • Content views. Content views contain app-specific content and can enable behaviors such as scrolling, insertion, deletion, and rearrangement of items.
  • Controls. Controls perform actions or display information.
  • Temporary views. Temporary views appear briefly to give users important information or additional choices and functionality.

A flat design version of the iOS 7 in a psd vector mockup template. Use the smart layer to drag and drop your design on the screen. This is a great way to showcase your flat design projects.


Mobile: iOS7 Applications UI (PSD)

Mobile: iOS7 Applications UI (PSD)

Mobile: iOS7 Applications UI (PSD)

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