UI: Basiliq Freehand UI Kit (PSD)
Mockup: Vector Wireframe Kit and Symbol Library (AI)

Mobile & UI: Mobile Library Application Concept (PSD, AI)


Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works. - Steve Jobs

The following design guidelines provide information about different aspects that you should consider when designing a mobile application. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your application meets your requirements and performs efficiently in scenarios common to mobile applications:

  • Decide if you will build a rich client, a thin Web client, or rich Internet application (RIA).
  • Determine the device types you will support.
  • Consider occasionally connected and limited-bandwidth scenarios when appropriate.
  • Design a UI appropriate for mobile devices, taking into account platform constraints.
  • Design a layered architecture appropriate for mobile devices that improves reuse and maintainability.
  • Consider device resource constraints such as battery life, memory size, and processor speed.

Here are a few mistakes you need to avoid when designing a mobile app. - Mobile Application Design & Development Trends...
  • Development budget is the key - never disregard it.
  • Never initiate Wireframes or Designs without a Flowmap.
  • Avoid using intro animations unnecessarily.
  • Avoid overstuffing with pixel-dense screens.
  • Avoid bitmaps and Keep away from initiating with low resolutions.
  • Avoid copying design style instinctively from other OS.
  • Never assume everyone’s user experience to be same as yours.
  • Never leave users hanging out there for the next bit of action.
  • Gestures are important in app design, but never become over reliant on them. Moreover, avoid using a gesture-accessed menu or action as the only point of access.

This freebie is a completely free psd mobile applications concept.

Library App Design Concept exploring implementation of same concept on different Mobile OS platforms and devices: Android and iPad / iOS.


Start Screen Interface
Mobile & UI: Mobile Library Application Concept (PSD, AI)

Main Menu Interface
Mobile & UI: Mobile Library Application Concept (PSD, AI)

Dashboard Interface
Mobile & UI: Mobile Library Application Concept (PSD, AI)

List Books Interface
Mobile & UI: Mobile Library Application Concept (PSD, AI)

Book Description Interface
Mobile & UI: Mobile Library Application Concept (PSD, AI)

Fonts used:
  • Lato
  • Proxima Nova
  • Alike

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