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UI: Minimal UI Kit (PSD)


All design that is beautiful has scaffolding of some kind. We crave order. It makes apps and interactions easy to understand, books feel like stories and movies feel cohesive. - What Do I Need To Know To Become A UI designer?

User Interface Design is the multi-disciplinary practice of crafting usable human-device interfaces. Taking into account, among many things:

  • user and organizational tasks, needs, and goals;
  • ease and simplicity of use;
  • clarity and beauty of execution;
  • flexibility and scalability of the design across multiple devices;
- Michael Connors, User Experience Strategist at Fresh Tilled Soil

Clarity is the first and most important job of any interface. To be effective using an interface you've designed, people must be able to recognize what it is, care about why they would use it, understand what the interface is helping them interact with, predict what will happen when they use it, and then successfully interact with it. While there is room for mystery and delayed gratification in interfaces, there is no room for confusion. Clarity inspires confidence and leads to further use. One hundred clear screens is preferable to a single cluttered one. - Principles of User Interface Design

Minimal UI Kit is a PSD file including a lot of useful web elements like: Buttons, Social Links, User Profile, Player, Form Login, Charts Global, Calendar, Map, Meteo, and more.

Includes a mellow color scheme and the PSD file includes ton of UI elements you can add on to your next project.


Buttons, Social Links, User Profile, Player, Form Login, Charts Global

UI: Minimal UI Kit (PSD)

Calendar, Map, Meteo

UI: Minimal UI Kit (PSD)

Created by Vincent Tantardini.

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