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Mockup: Corporate Identity Design (PSD)


The fundamental idea and core concept behind having a `corporate image` is that everything a company does, everything it owns and everything it produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole. - Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained

Corporate identity is often viewed as being composed of three parts: - Corporate identity

  • Corporate design (logos, uniforms, corporate colours etc.)
  • Corporate communication (advertising, public relations, information, etc.)
  • Corporate behavior (internal values, norms, etc.)

Mockup: Corporate Identity Design (PSD)

Brand identity design is a five stage process. - What is Brand Identity Desing?
  • Research, analysis and competitor review
  • strategic brand development
  • targeted brand design
  • consistent brand communication across all media
  • feedback, performance review and maintanence

This freebie can be integrated in any website as it is or with your personal touch applied. It consist of: notebook, envelope, paper, business card, eraser and pencil.

You can use this mockup for a presentation, more consistent, to your creations.


Mockup: Corporate Identity Design (PSD)

Mockup: Corporate Identity Design (PSD)

Mockup: Corporate Identity Design (PSD)

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