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An optimized User Interface is the secret sauce behind any successful ecommerce site. The architectural design of your site needs to be carefully constructed to maximize sales and to optimize consumer engagement, click-through and brand loyalty. If you already have an ecommerce site that’s simply not meeting your revenue or conversion goals, chances are it could benefit from a user experience, site architecture, and usability overhaul. - User Interface Design

In terms of the GUI, you'll need to look particularly at: - Graphical User Interface Design: Developing Usable and Accessible Collections

  • Data entry interface;
  • Customisable visual design;
  • Search and retrieval interface;
  • Additional user functionality;
  • Control over user access;
  • Interoperability with other collections;

The World Wide Web, for all its pretty screens and fancy buttons, is, in effect, an invisible navigation space. True, you can always see the specific page you are on, but you cannot see anything of the vast space between pages. Once users reach our sites or web-based applications, we must take care to reduce navigation to a minimum and make sure the remaining navigation is clear and natural. - First Principles of Interaction Design

This flat Summer UI Elements contains various widgets and block design elements for web projects. Included is a buttons, selects, follow, pagination, chat, credits, color tabs, travel card, calendar, recent posts, various form elements and more. In the pack you will find a well organised .psd file consisting entirely of vector shape and text layers.


UI: Summer UI Elements (PSD)

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