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Good design is important for any application, despite what years and years of bad apps from vendors and IT shops have led us to believe. In the mobile context, good design is even more critical because the small screen and unsteady operating environment makes it even harder to use an app, which good design can overcome. - 10 expert tips for mobile app design

To determine whether an iOS app follows the principle of consistency, think about these questions: - Apple iOS Design Principles

  • Is the app consistent with iOS standards? Does it use system-provided controls, views, and icons correctly? Does it incorporate device features in ways that users expect?
  • Is the app consistent within itself? Does text use uniform terminology and style? Do the same icons always mean the same thing? Can people predict what will happen when they perform the same action in different places? Do custom UI elements look and behave the same throughout the app?
  • Within reason, is the app consistent with its earlier versions? Have the terms and meanings remained the same? Are the fundamental concepts and primary functionality essentially unchanged?

Because all iOS applications have one of two possible pixel densities (standard or Retina), you should aim to work in Photoshop using non-destructive techniques to reduce the need to design twice. This means creating buttons and interface elements using vector shapes and layer styles, and using smart objects for images, where possible. - A Guide To iOS App Development For Web Designers

To set up a new blank iPhone document (for a iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5th generation) in an image editor, these are the settings you will need:- A Guide To iOS App Development For Web Designers
  • 640 × 1136 pixels,
  • 72 ppi,
  • RGB color mode.

This freebie is a great package for starters, save your time using this small kit on your next project! This set comes with info graphics elements: activity interface, dashboard interface, gallery interface, load screen interface, login interface, main table interface, messages interface, profile user interface.


Activity Interface - Gallery Interface - Dashboard Interface

Mobile & UI: iPhone UI - Sketch It Up (PSD)

Load Screen Interface - Login Interface - Main Table Interface

Mobile & UI: iPhone UI - Sketch It Up (PSD)

Messages Interface - Profile User Interface

Mobile & UI: iPhone UI - Sketch It Up (PSD)

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