Mobile & UI: Android L 5.0 UI Kit (PSD)
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Mobile & UI: Flat Mobile Application UI Kit (PSD)


A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. - Wikipedia: Mobile App

The User Interface (UI)  is where people interact with devices. In our case, the smartphone or tablet but also what we see on the device. That means design. So the purpose of an UI expert is to create a great and technically attractive design, depending on the device. - Mobile UX and Mobile UI guidelines

The biggest difference between developing a mobile application and a desktop application or even a website, is context, and this is what makes these mobile apps so powerful and interesting. Each app is used for its own purpose, on a specific time and place. If you’re creating a restaurant guide, you’ll want to create something that show the most relevant results to the user in the least time, since the user will probably be on the street or on the move, and is looking for a quick recommendation. This opens a lot of possibilities for innovation in mobile development, and as a designer you should always be informed of and testing the latest apps to be up to date on what is being created. - DesignModo: Designing Mobile Apps, Where to Start?

This freebie is a completely free psd flat mobile application template called Flat Mobile App . This apps includes 7 interfaces like: Activity, Chat, Edit Profile List, Feed, Follow Profile, Login, Menu, Profile, Profile List and Sign Up.


  • 10 psd files;
  • True Retina;
  • Flat Design;
  • Completely editable;
  • Everything is vector;


Activity Interface, Chat Interface, Edit Profile List Interface

Mobile & UI: Flat Mobile Application UI Kit (PSD)

Feed Interface, Follow Profile Interface, Login Interface

Mobile & UI: Flat Mobile Application UI Kit (PSD)

Menu Interface, Profile Interface, Profile List Interface

Mobile & UI: Flat Mobile Application UI Kit (PSD)

Sign Up Interface

Mobile & UI: Flat Mobile Application UI Kit (PSD)

Created by Asgar Khan.

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