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Elements Design & UI: High Resolution - Infinite Wood Floor Presentation Backgrounds (JPG)


Textures in Web design can be very subtle, so that the visitor hardly notices, or they can be a focal point of the design. In some cases, textures are used to emphasize certain parts of the design. Because of the versatility of textures, they can be used in combination with many other design elements, such as typography, lighting and colors. - Textures In Modern Web Design

The use of texture in a website can contribute to the experience of a site by adding warmth, personality and feeling. You can achieve a really memorable result knowing how to design with texture in your layouts. Texture can be accomplished through typography, background patterns, hand- drawn illustrations, photographs and UI/UX elements. Sometimes using only a small textured detail or element is all you need. - Brilliant Uses of Texture in Website Design And Some Resources

Using wood in a web design sometimes has obvious topical or thematic reasons, but that’s not always the case. - Web Trends: Wood in Web Design

Textures play big role in today’s web design world. Applying textures in your design can be an effective way to give it an added bit of intricacy and detail. There are textures of different types to give different kinds of impression to the site. - Inspiring Examples Of Wood Texture In Web Design

About this freebie: These 8 unique high resolution images feature infinite dark wood flooring that gradually fades as it vanishes into the distance. They are ideal for backdrops when you showcase your products or designs. They can also be used as-is for desktop or mobile wallpaper backgrounds. - Infinite Wood Floor Presentation Backgrounds


Elements Design & UI: Infinite Wood Floor Presentation Backgrounds (JPG)

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