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UI: Free Flat UI Kit (PSD)


User interface design is prettying the pixels up. It’s a component of user experience design. It’s no less important than any other part of the process, and a huge part of what constitutes a great user experience. Many people think this part of design is really the whole shebang, but they’re wrong. It makes the experience aesthetically pleasing, but good UI design on poor UX design is still poor design. — Steve Hickey, User Interface Designer & Developer at Fresh Tilled Soil

The best interface is none at all, when we are able to directly manipulate the physical objects in our world. Since this is not always possible, and objects are increasingly informational, we create interfaces to help us interact with them. It is easy to add more layers than necessary to an interface, creating overly-wrought buttons, chrome, graphics, options, preferences, windows, attachments, and other cruft so that we end up manipulating UI elements instead of what's important. Instead, strive for that original goal of direct manipulation…design an interface with as little a footprint as possible, recognizing as much as possible natural human gestures. Ideally, the interface is so slight that the user has a feeling of direct manipulation with the object of their focus. - Direct manipulation is best

Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design: - by Jakob Nielsen

  • Visibility of system status;
  • Match between system and the real world;
  • User control and freedom;
  • Consistency and standards;
  • Error prevention;
  • Recognition rather than recall;
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use;
  • Aesthetic and minimalist design;
  • Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors;
  • Help and documentation;

This flat UI kit contains various widgets and block design elements for web projects. Included is a top bar, header, calendar, pricing table, video player, various form elements and more. In the pack you will find a well organised .psd file consisting entirely of vector shape and text layers.


UI: Free Flat UI Kit (PSD)

UI: Free Flat UI Kit (PSD)

UI: Free Flat UI Kit (PSD)

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