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UI: Sven - Modern UI Kit (PSD)

UI: Vector Wireframe Kit (AI, SVG)


A modern paradox is that it’s simpler to create complex interfaces because it’s so complex to simplify them. – Pär Almqvist

When users interact with a computer system, they do so via a user interface (UI). - User Interface Design

The 'Eight Golden Rules' of Interface Design: - User Interface Design Guidelines - Ben Shneiderman

  • Strive for consistency: Similar sequences of actions should have similar terminology in prompts, actions, menus, help and commands.
  • Enable frequent users to use shortcuts: With increased use comes the demand for quicker methods of achieving goals.
  • Offer informative feedback: For every action there should be system feedback.
  • Design dialogue to yield closure: Action sequences should be teleological i.e. leading to an ultimate goal or satisfying conclusion.
  • Offer simple error handling: Systems should be designed to be as fool-proof as possible so the scope for for serious user error is eradicated or, at the very least, stringently controlled.
  • Permit easy reversal of actions: Designers should aim to offer users satisfying means of reversing their actions.
  • Support internal locus of control: This refers to giving users the sense that they are in full control of events occurring in the digital space.
  • Reduce short-term memory load: Human attentional resources are limited and we are only capable of maintaining around five items in our short-term memory at one time.

This freebie is a great package for starters, save your time using this small kit on your next project! Ideally for web app dashboards, mobile app designs, websites, etc.. This set comes with info graphics elements, weather widget, user profile panel, to do list, clock/alarm, video player and more.

This free wireframe ui kit features simplified vector web elements for prototyping and wireframing designs. All of the included elements are 100% vector and can be resized or edited with ease. - Vector Wireframe Kit


UI: Vector Wireframe Kit (AI, SVG)

Created by Tony Thomas.

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