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In computing, multi-touch refers to the ability of a surface (a trackpad or touchscreen) to recognize the presence of more than one or more than two points of contact with the surface. This plural-point awareness is often used to implement advanced functionality such as pinch to zoom or to activate certain subroutines attached to predefined gestures. The two different uses of the term are the result of the quick developments in this field, which resulted in many companies using the term "multi-touch" for marketing purposes for older technology that is called gesture-enhanced single-touch or several other terms by other companies and researchers. There are several other similar or related terms that attempt to differentiate between whether a device can exactly determine or only approximate the location of different points of contact and that attempt to further differentiate between the various technological capabilities, but they are often used as synonyms in marketing.  - Multi-touch

People use gestures—such as tap, drag, and pinch—to interact with apps and their iOS devices. Using gestures gives people a close personal connection to their devices and enhances their sense of direct manipulation of onscreen objects. People generally expect gestures to work the same in all the apps they use. - iOS Human Interface Guidelines / Interactivity and Feedback

Gestures allow users to interact with your app by manipulating the screen objects you provide. The following table shows the core gesture set that is supported in Android. - Gestures

Standard Gestures:- iOS Human Interface Guidelines / Interactivity and Feedback

  • Tap To press or select a control or item.
  • Drag To scroll or pan—that is, move side to side.
  • To drag an element.
  • Flick To scroll or pan quickly.
  • Swipe With one finger, to return to the previous screen, to reveal the hidden view in a split view controller, or the Delete button in a table-view row.
  • With four fingers, to switch between apps on iPad.
  • Double tap To zoom in and center a block of content or an image.
  • To zoom out (if already zoomed in).
  • Pinch Pinch open to zoom in; pinch close to zoom out.
  • Touch and hold In editable or selectable text, to display a magnified view for cursor positioning.
  • Shake To initiate an undo or redo action.

This is over 100 touch gesture icons that are perfect for mockups, wireframes and final designs. Icons based on vector shapes and presented in multiple formats: AI, EPS, CSH, PSD, PNG and SVG.


Elements Design & Mobile: Vector Touch Gestures Icons (AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, PSD)

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