Website: Photography - Website Template (HTML5, CSS3, JS, PSD)
UI: Material UI Kit (PSD)

Website: Creativs - Website Template (HTML5, CSS3, JS, PSD)


Even if you are not too familiar with web designing, you too can have a professionally looking website. All you need to do is find a suitable template, tweak the designs and styles, pump in your contents. There are tonnes of templates sites out there, that makes searching for a free yet high quality templates hard and tedious, so we attempted to collect and showcase you some of really good ones.

A web template system uses a template processor to combine web templates to form finished web pages, possibly using some data source to customize the pages or present a large amount of content on similar-looking pages. It is a web publishing tool present in content management systems, web application frameworks, and HTML editors. Web templates can be used like the template of a form letter to either generate a large number of "static" (unchanging) web pages in advance, or to produce "dynamic" web pages on demand. - Web template system

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Web templates can be used by any individual or organization to set up their website. Once a template is purchased or downloaded, the user will replace all generic information included in the web template with their own personal, organizational or product information. Examples of common uses of Templates are listed below:- Web template system

  • Display personal information or daily activities as in a blog.
  • Sell products on-line.
  • Display information about a company or organization.
  • Display family history.
  • Display a gallery of photos.
  • Place music files such as MP3 files on-line for play through a web browser.
  • Place videos on-line for public viewing.
  • To set up a private login area on-line.

Creativs is a modern, pixel perfect free complete six pages PSD and HTML5 website template, designed and coded carefully by our team, creativs website template comes with 5 full-layered, organised and clean PSD files.


Website: Creativs - Website Template (HTML5, CSS3, JS, PSD)

Website: Creativs - Website Template (HTML5, CSS3, JS, PSD)

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