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Anyone who’s serious about designing interfaces should have this book on their shelf for reference. It’s the most comprehensive cross-platform examination of common interface patterns anywhere. - Dan Saffer

A single-page application (SPA), is a web application or web site that fits on a single web page with the goal of providing a more fluid user experience akin to a desktop application.

There are few distinct characteristics of the professional Single Page Application: - Single Page Application

  • Chunking – the web page is constructed by loading chunks of HTML fragments and JSON data instead of receiving full HTML from a web server on every request. (Backbone.js, pjax, jQuery, Upshot.js)
  • Controllers – JavaScript code that handles complex DOM and data manipulations, application logic and AJAX calls is replaced by controllers that separate views and models using MVC or MVVM patterns. (Backbone.js, Knockout.js, JavascriptMVC)
  • Templating – coding of UI and DOM manipulations are replaced by declarative binding of data to HTML templates. (Knockout.js, Mustache, jQuery Templates, Underscore.js)
  • Routing – selection of views and navigation (without page reloads) that preserves page state, elements and data (History.js, Crossroads.js, Backbone.js, pjax, HTML5 History API)
  • Real-time communication – two-way communication of a client application and web server replaces one-way requests from a browser (HTML5 Web Sockets,, SignalR)
  • Local storage – capabilities of storing data on a browser for performance and offline access replace cookies and intensive data loads from web server (HTML5 Local storage).

Simple one page template that would be a great start for a coming soon or app launch site. This template is fully customizable and wouldn’t be much work to make responsive. If this doesn’t suit your needs, you can also check out this Smak - HTML Responsive Single Page Template.

This is HTML/CSS version fo our Smak one page PSD template. This modern and clean design great for your portfolio, agency and many more. Fully Responsive template based on Bootstrap 3.x framework.


Website: Smak - HTML Responsive Single Page Template (HTML5, CSS3, JS)

Created by GraphBerry.

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