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UI: Winter UI Kit (PSD)


User Interface Design is the multi-disciplinary practice of crafting usable human-device interfaces. Taking into account, among many things: user and organizational tasks, needs, and goals; ease and simplicity of use; clarity and beauty of execution; flexibility and scalability of the design across multiple devices. - Michael Connors, User Experience Strategist at Fresh Tilled Soil

Visible language refers to all of the graphical techniques used to communicate the message or context. These include: - Effective Visual Communication for Graphical User Interfaces

  • Layout: formats, proportions, and grids; 2-D and 3-D organization
  • Typography: selection of typefaces and typesetting, including variable width and fixed width
  • Color and Texture: color, texture and light that convey complex information and pictoral reality
  • Imagery: signs, icons and symbols, from the photographically real to the abstract
  • Animation: a dynamic or kinetic display; very important for video-related imagery
  • Sequencing: the overall approach to visual storytelling
  • Sound: abstract, vocal, concrete, or musical cues
  • Visual identity: the additional, unique rules that lend overall consistency to a user interface. The overall decisions as to how the corporation or the product line expresses itself in visible language.

Today’s we bring you professionally design flat Winter UI Kit which are perfect for web designers, developers and design agencies. The following new flat design user interface packs contains various design elements such as menu bar with drop down, product widget, shopping cart elements, account login, product categories widget, tabbed box, banner etc.


UI: Winter UI Kit (PSD)

Created by Alan Podemski.

We would appreciate it if you credit our resources and help us to spread this work and name.

Download, share and enjoy!

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