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Elements Design: Hand Painted Vector Badge Shapes (AI)


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Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygons—all of which are based on mathematical expressions—to represent images in computer graphics. The term vector graphics is typically used only for 2D (planar) graphics objects, in order to distinguish them from 2D raster graphics, which are also very common. 3D graphics as commonly implemented today (e.g., in OpenGL) are typically described using primitives like 3D points and polygons connecting these (which in turn describe surfaces); these 3D primitives are much more similar to vector graphics than to raster graphics, but aren't explicitly called vector graphics. The equivalent of raster graphics in the 3D world are voxel-based graphics. - Vector Graphics

These free hand painted badge shapes are perfect for signage and backdrops for retro emblems and logos. They are highly detailed and completely vector, these graphics will look beautiful at any size. The edges have a hand drawn, brush stroke effect which gives a rustic, sketchy feel to your designs. - Hand Painted Vector Badge Shapes


Elements Design: Hand Painted Vector Badge Shapes (AI)

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