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elFinder is an open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. Creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of Finder program used in Mac OS X operating system.

okilla, elFinder is an open-source file manager for web

  • All operations with files and folders on a remote server (copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, etc.);
  • High performance server beckend and light client UI;
  • Multi-root support;
  • Local file system, MySQL, FTP volume storage drivers;
  • Background file upload with Drag & Drop HTML5 support;
  • List and Icons view;
  • Kayboard shortcuts;
  • Standart methods of file/group selection using mouse or keyboard;
  • Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop;
  • Archives create/extract (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2);
  • Rich context menu and toolbar;
  • Quicklook, preview for common file types;
  • Edit text files and images;
  • "Places" for your favorites;
  • Calculate directory sizes;
  • Thumbnails for image files;
  • Easy to integrate with web editors (elRTE, CKEditor, TinyMCE);
  • Flexible configuration of access rights, upload file types, user interface and other;
  • Extensibility;
  • Simple client-server API based on JSON;

elFinder an open-source file manager for web, okilla


Modern browser. elFinder was tested in Firefox 10, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari 5, Opera 11 and Chrome 15+;
Any web server;
PHP 5.2+ (for thumbnails - mogrify utility or GD/Imagick module);

elFinder an open-source file manager for web, okilla

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wiki: elFinder 2.xelFinder 1.x

created by: std42

sample: online demo

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