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"Metro style Live Tiles enabled Web 2.0 Dashboard"

Resource: Droptiles

"Droptiles is an Open Source Windows 8 Start like Metro style Web 2.0 Dashboard. It builds the experience using Tiles. Tiles are mini apps that can fetch data from external sources. Clicking on a tile launches the full app. Apps can be from any existing website to customized website specifically built to fit the Dashboard experience. Droptiles is built almost entirely of HTML, Javascript and CSS and thus highly portable to any platform. The sample project is built using ASP.NET to show some server side integration, like Signup, Login and getting dynamic data from server. But with very little change you can port it to PHP, Ruby, JSP or any other platform. Droptiles is the sequel of my Dropthings, which is the first Open Source Web 2.0 Dashboard."

"AppStore offers new applications"

Resource: Droptiles

Tiles are mini apps, built using Javascript
"Tiles are mini apps that can have their own html, javascript and css."

Resource: Droptiles

Tiles can be dynamic, loaded from server side pages
"Tiles can be dynamic pages delivered from the server. Here is a tile that captures the html output of an ASPX page. Tiles can be intercative as well. You can embed a form inside a tile. "

Resource: Droptiles

How can you use Droptiles

   - As an Enterprise Dashboard
        * Operational Dashboard
        * Intranet Content Aggregator
        * Employee Portal
    - Web 2.0 Portal offering portlets in the form of tiles. Aggregating data from various services and as a launch pad for different services.
    - Touch enabled Kiosk front-end.
    - Content aggregator for News and Research purpose.


- Metro style user interface. CSS framework to build metro style websites.
- Drag & Drop tiles to personalize the experience.
- Live tiles: Tiles are mini-apps, loading data from variety of sources.
- Quick and easy App framework. Try the Flickr and News Reader app.
- Client side object model and data binding for easy MVVM implementation.
- Server side platform neutral implementation. Can be ported to PHP, JSP easily.


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