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"Socialist is a jquery social feed plugin that combines multiple social media feeds in one place.

Use it to combine content and create a social wall from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Craiglist RSS and other social networks. "


1) Simply include the .js and .css files in your HTML document.

    <link href="jquery.socialist.css" rel="stylesheet" /> 
    <script src="jquery.socialist.js"></script> 

2) Apply jQuery Socialist to any <div> element within your js code.

        networks: [ 


- networks: An array of network definition objects
- random: true or false; default value is: true
- isotope: true or false; default value is: true
- headingLength: An integer value that indicates the max number of characters to display in the 'heading' field of each result
- textLength: An integer value that indicates the max number of characters to display in the 'text' description field
- maxResults: An integer value that indicates the max number of results to show
- theme: (none) or 'clean'; default value is: (none)
- size: (none) or 'small' or 'large'; default value is:(none)
- fields: An array of strings that indicate which field values to display. Any of the following: 'source', 'heading', 'text', 'date', 'image', 'followers', 'likes', 'share'


Combine Content from Multiple Social Media Feeds

Plugin: Socialist

        networks: [ 
    <div id="mydiv"></div> 


- Uses AJAX to aggregate content from multiple sources
- Turns any DIV element into a social container
- Visually appealing responsive layouts, or simple list
- Supported numerous social and content sources -- use it to visualize any "feed"

Supported Sources

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, RSS Feeds, Pinterest, Tumblr, Craigslist, Instagram, and more


jQuery Socialist uses 2 plugins to provide the responsive layout and cross-domain ajax features:

- jQuery Isotope Plugin v1.5.19: An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts (
- jQuery Cross Domain Ajax:


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