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Plugin: jquery.jstree.js


jsTree is a javascript based, cross browser tree component. It is packaged as a jQuery plugin.
jsTree is absolutely free (licensed same as jQuery - under the terms of either the MIT License or the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2).

Plugin: jquery.jstree.js

Features at a glance:

Various data sources - HTML, JSON, XML
Supports AJAX loading
Drag & drop support
Highly configurable
Theme support + included themes
Uses jQuery's event system
Optional keyboard navigation
Maintain the same tree in many languages
Inline editing
Open/close optional animation
Define node types and fine tune them
Configurable multitree drag & drop
Optional checkbox tree support
Search function
Supports plugins
Optional state saving using cookies

Currently supported browsers are:

Internet Explorer 6+ *
Mozilla Firefox 2+
Safari 3+
Opera 9+
Google Chrome


Tags: tree, jquery, ajax, plugins

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