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Plugin: ddSlick


A free light weight jQuery plugin that allows you to create a custom drop down with images and description.

Plugin: ddSlick

What is so cool about this plugin!

- Adds images and description to otherwise boring drop downs.
- Allows JSON to populate the drop down options.
- Converts your HTML select element to ddSlick.
- Uses Minimum css and no external stylesheets to download.
- Supports callback functions on selection.
- Works as good even without images or description!

Why is this plugin useful

With traditional drop downs i.e. using <select> <option> </option> </select> you are limited to only text and value. But with this easily configurable jquery plugin, you can now create a custom drop down that can very well include images, a short description, along with your usual text and value. Take a look at the following demos in action.


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