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Infographic: Coolness of Blue in Web Design


"What is the first thing you pay attention to when you visit a website? It’s a color scheme that plays the primary role in its visual perception. It’s really a hard task to choose the proper color scheme for your web page to have a particular influence on your visitors and their perception of your business messages. We want to share the interesting facts about the color usage in web design with you in the following post."


Infographic: Coolness of Blue in Web Design

"Color scheme in web design is as a perfect weapon for attracting users, and your choice of blue is the right one for portraying quality and stability of your business. In the following infographic we’ve compiled all the necessary information that will show you the power of blue color in web design. While browsing you’ll discover:

- the sites that use blue as their primary color,
- popular mixes with other colors,
- the power of blue color in branding,
- its 55 shades,
- gender preferences,
- color meanings by culture

– all this will help you make the right choice and start cool, stylish, and attractive site."


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