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Metro is an internal code name of a typography-based design language created by Microsoft, originally for use in Windows Phone. A key design principle of Metro is better focus on the content of applications, relying more on typography and less on graphics (``content before chrome``). Early uses of the Metro principles began as early as Microsoft Encarta 95 and MSN 2.0, and later evolved into Windows Media Center and Zune. Later the principles of Metro were included in Windows Phone, Microsoft's website, the Xbox 360 dashboard update, and Windows 8.

Microsoft have been doing a wonderful job with their simplistic ``Metro`` style, and today we`re presenting a lovely Metro-style twitter feed. Containing various states for different tweets, links, and timing. A really wonderful little widget!


Resource: Metro Twitter Feed HTML / CSS / PSD

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Download the psd file and let`s make your own project.


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