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Here is a new freebie giveaway from our branding agency. A special package containing a full corporate identity design mockups set.

Stationery design (letterhead, A4 envelope, DL envelope, standard envelope, business cards, folder), pen, pencil, markers, clicks, badge, eraser, mobile and desktop – apple products (Mac, MackBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad), bottles (champagne, wine, beer, juice), cans, cups and mugs (tea, coffee, plastic, porcelain), gift bag, customized social icons (Behance, Pinterest, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), outdoor billboard and many more, everything you need in order to make your presentation stand out and convince a customer.


Resource: Free identity design mockups

Download the EPS file and share your own design with me.

Easy to alter EPS is available for download.

Please share your feedback in comments below.

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