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From Wikipedia: ``In typography, a glyph has a slightly different definition: it is "the specific shape, design, or representation of a character". It is a particular graphical representation, in a particular typeface, of an element of written language, which could be a grapheme, or part of a grapheme, or sometimes several graphemes in combination (a composed glyph). If there is more than one allograph of a unit of writing, and the choice between them depends on context or on the preference of the author, they now have to be treated as separate glyphs, because mechanical arrangements have to be available to differentiate between them and to print whichever of them is required.``


Resource: 200 Free Glyphs

by Joel Siddall

Easy to alter PSD is available for download.

Download it for free, don`t forget to add comments, link-back or screenshot, previews if you use it.


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