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From Wikipedia: ``Form-based authentication is a term of art in the context of Web- and Internet-based online networked computer systems. In general, it refers to the notion of a user being presented with an editable "form" to fill in and submit in order to log in to some system or service. ...
A defining characteristic of the general notion of form-based authentication, as it is commonly used, is that the credential prompting and subsequent credential conveyance is conducted out-of-band relative to the transfer protocol employed between the client and server. For example, in the case of HTTP+HTML form-based authentication, the authentication features built into HTTP itself are not used. Rather, the prompting information, e.g., username: and password:, are conveyed, opaquely to HTTP itself, as just HTML or XHTML <FORM> data. Similarly, the submitted credentials are conveyed simply as part of submitted <FORM> data.

It`s provided both as a PSD and as a fully-coded HTML/CSS version, so you can get started integrating it straight away.


Resource: Vibrant Login Interface PSD and HTML/CSS

Download it for free, don`t forget to add comments, link-back or screenshot, previews if you use it.

test on mozilla, chrome

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