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From Wikipedia: ``In computer programming, a widget (or control) is an element of a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays an information arrangement changeable by the user, such as a window or a text box. The defining characteristic of a widget is to provide a single interaction point for the direct manipulation of a given kind of data. In other words, widgets are basic visual building blocks which, combined in an application, hold all the data processed by the application and the available interactions on this data.``


Resource: Minimal Calendar Widget PSD

Resource: Minimal Calendar Widget PSD

Stripping back everything that`s unnecessary, this calendar presents a canvas upon which you can build and adapt.

Simple grey lines and gradients, colours, and flexible design.

This freebie can be integrated in any website as it is or with your personal touch applied.

Easy to alter PSD is available for download.

Hope you’d like it and share your feedback in below comments!


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