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From ``It`s not enough to make an app that is easy to use. Android apps empower people to try new things and to use apps in inventive new ways. Android lets people combine applications into new workflows through multitasking, notifications, and sharing across apps. At the same time, your app should feel personal, giving people access to superb technology with clarity and grace.``

This UI Kit was of great help to me while developing design for numerous applications. This kit is also irreplaceable for adaptation of iPhone-design for Android.

In the process of creation of the kit I was guided by the following principle: Android has its own character and style! Android applications do not have to look like a low-quality forgery of iPhone apps. Instead, they should possess their own recognizable style and they should be familiar and convenient for Android users!

This Kit contains the most commonly embedded elements of the applications. Most of them are tailored basing on the information of article from


Resource: Lookamore UI Kit Android PSD

Resource: Lookamore UI Kit Android PSD

IMPORTANT NOTICE! It is absolutely free of charge I provide anyone with a right to use this UI Kit (and its further updates) for personal or commercial purposes without indicating the name of the author!

Create by Artem Tolstykh.

Download it for free, don`t forget to add comments, link-back or screenshot, previews if you use it.


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