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Responsive wireframe framework for rapidly experimenting with layouts to create the best user experience and test functional features.

The way designers solve online communication problems has changed thanks to "responsive web design" but we've continued to demonstrate wireframes in a static manner. So instead of downloading hundreds of UI libraries that are static and have no assigned functions. Why not offer a framework that levitates any functional confusions? That's why Wirefy was created.

To follow the trend of designing in the browser, Wirefy can be used as part of your user experience toolkit to present strategic plans through the use of functional components while staying design agnostic. Rapidly develop and experiment with different flows and layouts to find the best solution to your clients communication problem. Since Wirefy is flexible it can be used for responsive web designs, web apps, or basic device apps.

Unlike many of the other boilerplates and frameworks, Wirefy doesn't focus on fancy UI components, but instead stays focused on the things that matter - the users and how they will experience your content on various screens. Get the basic story right and then the design will become that much easier.


Resource: Free Responsive Wireframes

Resource: Free Responsive Wireframes

by Chris Bannister

Terms are obvious, don't sell, rent in existing or modified form - attribution isn't necessary but would be much appreciated.


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