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As a web designer there are a number of different areas that you need to be knowledgeable about, including the need to design based on what users are looking for, different color schemes that are possible and most importantly typography. Typography, while frequently discussed by web designers, can become a big issues if not handled correctly when a website is being designed.

Indeed clear, concise text is probably the most important facets of any website today.  The reason is simple; written content that is written badly will turn off a visitor to any site very quickly. Think about it; videos are what they are and pictures won’t change but if something on your website that is meant to explain, describe, educate or even just entertain is written poorly the reader will look at it with much disdain.

Devising a layout plan

The basic text elements of your new website are so crucial that I stress putting together a list of basic rules when making any new style-sheet.  This should include paragraphs, h1-h4, anchor links and, if you have the time and energy, pre/code tags for your formatted text.
The reason to do this is simply that it’s easier to plan these things while your website is still a ‘skeleton’ so that you can make them the ‘backbone’ of your site.  Each of the elements that we mention above has a vital purpose and will affect the final layout scheme when the page is completed. If you know what colors you’re going to be using, for example, you can then plan on what color the fonts should be for maximum readability.  There are online color picking solutions like Adobe Kuler that you can use to help you with this vital task.

Font Sizing and Font Spacing

Adjusting CSS line-height is an excellent way to improve readability.  If you want to be able to set individual line height value what you can do is call line-height:1 on the html element or the body and the baseline values for all of your text will be reset. Using margin-bottom to clear space is a similar technique that you can use to put new content underneath as well.

Controlled Backgrounds

Using dark text on a light background is simply common sense as is using light text on a dark background.  Of course there are an unlimited number of color combinations so, before you make a commitment to any, make sure you take a look at a preview to see how they go together and make sure that they are pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

Custom Web Fonts

Customizable web fonts have been around for a little while and if you go to Google Web Fonts online you’ll see that their developer tool is excellent.  It a 100% free service Simply pick out the typeface you want to use and include it in your style-sheet link, adding the correct font-family properties so that the new and the old fonts match.

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