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From Dribbble:

``This is the first in a series of shots I'll be working on that address problems with iOS 7.

The first thing that was glaringly obvious to me (during initial setup even), was that there's no lowercase keyboard. When your thumbs are in optimum typing position, they cover the shift key. You need visual feedback on the keyboard.

Also, I wasn't at all happy with the camera or alarm icons. The alarm was collateral damage. It was in the screenshot I took which formed the basis for this shot. Both icons were too detailed, and the camera had pretty square corners for such a rounded iOS iteration. Cleaned up both, and moved the alarm icon next to the clock.

Attached are the real pixels for this lowercase keyboard, as well as a psd for the camera icon and one for this screen, which includes lowercase keyboard and uppercase, as well as the shift button states, cursor, and my updated icons. Note I wasn't happy with the font alignment on the keyboard so I fixed it.


lowercase keyboard - iOS7

Resource: Lowercase Keyboard for iOS 7 (PSD)

Resource: Lowercase Keyboard for iOS 7 (PSD)

design by Chris Slowik.

This resource is very easy to customize.

download lowercase for iOS7
download camera

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